How can the NBI® help me as a sportsperson?

Successful sportspeople need more than to be physically fit. In order to excel at your game, you need to understand your personal thinking preferences and how these impact on your approach to training, your game strategies and your interaction with team-mates and opponents.

Once you understand your thinking preferences, you will be in a better position to focus on mental skills that might be underdeveloped or underused. This will give you the competitive whole-brain edge to excel.

The NBI® will help you do the following:


  • Increase your commitment to training sessions
  • Enhance your ability to drill specific steps and procedures
  • Remember and apply the techniques learned during training when you are on the field.

Game strategy

  • Increase your focus on the game
  • Use creativity when existing techniques fail
  • Find a balance between tried-and-tested strategies and the need to adapt to the unique circumstances of each game.


  • Increase your personal capacity and passion
  • Forge stronger bonds with team-mates
  • Increase your ability to handle stress.


  • Increase your ability to see the bigger picture without losing sight of the detail
  • Enable you to successfully handle conflict and moments of crises during a game.

Could the NBI® help me attain a healthier lifestyle?

Sport goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle, and the NBI® can reveal how your thinking preferences impact on your approach to exercise, dieting and your weight.

For example, if you have a ‘scientific’ approach to your health, you will study available information meticulously, set detailed goals and put in place strategies and plans of action to attain your goals. However, perhaps you are taking enthusiasm and passion out of the equation, and you might end up forsaking all because you didn’t manage to reach some of your milestones.

On the other hand, you might have more than enough enthusiasm but be unrealistic about what is involved in reaching your goals. Soon you might become bored with the details and convince yourself that you’re healthy enough as it is!

By discovering your personal thinking preference, the NBI® can help you set realistic goals, plan the road ahead and maintain your enthusiasm and passion.


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