Many relationships are fragile at best. This is often because we lack tolerance towards differences, we think ‘we are always right’, we do not understand that others can think and act differently from us in similar circumstances. We often struggle with handling conflict and to communicate in a constructive manner.  That said, our personalities differ, we often come from different backgrounds, grew up differently and on top of that, we have different expectations in a relationship.  Understanding your – and your partner’s personalities and brain preferences and how these impact on your relationship will go a long way towards growing understanding, tolerance and excitement instead of criticism and the constant battle of trying to change others to be more like you!  You and your partner may have differences – the challenge is to be tolerant and to find ways to accommodate your loved one.


Understanding your child’s unique preferences is essential for successful parenting.

Parenting is probably the most important and difficult job we ever have to do and the biggest challenge for a parent is to parent a child who is very different from you.  You may have a different profile than that of your child. Your challenge would be to parent your child according to his/her preferences as far as possible. You and your spouse may also have different preferences.  In this case you need to develop tolerance and together gain insight into the best way to parent your children.


There is hardly an area of our lives where the whole brain does not have a role to play. Sport goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Ever wondered why you don’t stick to a diet or exercise programme? The 4 quadrant approach is probably what you need!

Skills and Career

This instrument identifies an individual’s skills. You may have acquired skills in a particular area that are not really indicative of your brain preference or you may have a very strong preference in one area, but have never had the opportunity to develop the necessary skills. The Skills Instrument determines in what quadrant of the brain your strongest skills reside. It is important for everyone, whether you are a student making subject or study direction choices or whether you are a person choosing a career. Combining the Skills Instrument with the brain preference profile will help you determine what you as an individual will like doing as well as be good at.

One of the most popular applications of the NBI® is in the design of the ideal job for each individual, taking into account his/her brain preferences. It now becomes possible to choose not only the job that you CAN do (skills), but also the job that you will LOVE doing (preferences).


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