Can the NBI® help me as a parent or educator?

Our personal thinking preferences begin to develop during childhood years. They manifest in the ways in which children prefer to learn and study. In today’s competitive world, education has become more important than ever, and the NBI® can help children gain the mental whole-brain edge they need to become successful, well-adjusted adults.

By identifying the personal thinking preferences of children, parents and teachers, learning can be tailored to achieve successful results. Study methods and learning environments can be adapted so as to create the ideal space for learning. Conflict will be reduced as communication becomes more effective.

What are the benefits of the NBI®?

An understanding of a child’s unique thinking preferences will:

  • Give the child the ultimate edge in coping with the world.
  • Give you unique insights into the child’s thinking preferences.
  • Enable you to understand why and how one child differs from another in the way they communicate, play and learn.
  • Enable you to create an ideal environment for the child.
  • Facilitate whole-brain creativity in doing and thinking.
  • Enable you to fill the gaps at an early age.

By understanding your own personal thinking preferences, you can be a whole-brain parent or teacher, and you can apply your knowledge to the child’s environment, contributing to a happy, well-functioning and creative child.

Young children

The first few years of a child’s life are critical in the establishment of connections between brain cells. Therefore, exposure to as much stimulation as possible will ensure growth in brain capacity.

The NBI® Young Child Indicator can help you with the development of your child by:

  • Giving you insight into the WHAT, HOW, WHO and WHY of your child’s behaviour.
  • Giving you the opportunity, at a very early stage, to create a whole-brain environment for your child.
  • Helping you understand what whole-brain discipline, communication, activities and relationships and a whole-brain life – are all about. 

10-15 year olds

During these years, children enter a new phase where the school environment and social interaction are extremely influential. Children need a new level of understanding and support to meet the challenges of this new world.

The NBI® Student profile can help children:

  • Get a good understanding of how they prefer to think
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Make the right subject choices
  • Become creative thinkers
  • Deal more effectively with stress
  • Study according to their thinking preferences.


In the teenage years, children enter an often traumatic period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Significant changes take place in terms of their body, mind, emotions, sexuality, values and relationships.

The NBI® Senior Student profile can help teenagers:

  • Develop whole-brain, creative thinking
  • Deal more effectively with difficult situations and expectations
  • Make the right subject and career choices
  • Develop successful study methods
  • Interact with members of the same and opposite sex
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills so as to succeed in the 21st century.


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  • NBI® Student
  • NBI® Senior Student
  • NBI® Learning Style
  • NBI® Teacher/Trainer
  • Keirsey Personality Analysis for Management and Teams

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